Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker Review

The Cafflano “Klassic” coffee maker is an all-in-one grind and brew coffee maker with stackable components and travel-friendly features that make it possible to enjoy great coffee wherever you go. This, of course, includes outdoor adventures, picnics, and wild camping. I’m not one for skimping on coffee when backpacking. I love the morning ritual of making a brew at camp. A good coffee sets you up for the day – caffeine aside, coffee brings morale! I’m sure you can get this from tea, hot chocolate, or a hip flask, but for me coffee does it every time! 
When I heard about the Cafflano “Klassic” I was naturally eager to try it. My wild coffee setup thus far has been either V60 (preferred) or the Jetboil Coffee Press (when going super minimal). The Cafflano is no doubt heavier and bulkier than both of these options, but I can totally envision circumstances where I wouldn’t mind the extra weight and bulk for the pleasure of having freshly ground coffee at camp. 
It just so happened that when I received* the Cafflano from The Coffee Mate (along with a superb selection of coffee beans), my home grinder went caput. So I’ve had a LOT of use of the Cafflano at home over the last few months, as well as a few adventures outdoors. 

How does it work

The coffee maker includes a grinder, drip kettle, filter, tumbler, and lid. The setup is all very easy. You first unscrew the top half of the coffee maker. This top bit doubles as a drip kettle with spout. Removing this reveals an adjustable ceramic burr grinder that fits over the filter and tumbler. The grinder has a bean level marker so it’s easy to add the right amount of beans.
Grinding the coffee is perhaps the most labour intensive part of the process. People with small hands might find it hard to grip the tumbler while grinding the coffee (I had to switch hands a few times). But ultimately it only takes a minute or two. Then you unscrew the grinder to reveal the filter with ground coffee. Boil your water and use the drip kettle to pour over. I loved that the tumbler is very well insulated so the coffee stays hot – very handy in particularly cold weather. Nothing worse than brewing a coffee and having it go cold within minutes! 

Size and weight

The Cafflano Klassic weights a hefty 470g and measures just under 20cm in height and 10cm in diameter. Add coffee to that (about 20g beans per cup) and you’re looking at half a kilo of coffee equipment. Naturally some will find this overkill for outdoor adventures, but if you’re like me you know there are times when you don’t mind the sacrifice in weight if it’s going to add to the experience. I can see the Cafflano Klassic fitting particularly well in a bothy! 

How much? 

At £81.99, the Cafflano Klassic is not cheap. Those folks happy to drink instant coffee will find it absurd. But for true coffee nerds, this may be a small price for the ultimate take-anywhere coffee experience. If you love great coffee and aren’t sure about the price, perhaps it’s something to add to your Christmas or birthday wish list. One money-saving and sustainable bonus is the built-in reusable filter (my V60 filters cost £6 for a pack of 100 … in 1,367 coffees the Cafflano Klassic will have paid for itself!).

Bottom Line

The Cafflano Klassic isn’t necessary but it’s really cool! It feels like a quality product and the functionality backs up this impression. The grinder is easy to adjust and fairly efficient for a hand grinder. The filter works well, and the result is a superb cup of coffee (at least as good as V60). Since I’ve been using it regularly at home, I’ve come to really like the ritual of hand grinding my coffee.  Of course, the Klassic is most at home out and about. Due to Covid 19 I haven’t been able to test it in the wild as much as I’d like, but I did have an idyllic summer solstice breakfast and brew in the Pewsey Downs facilitated by the Cafflano Klassic!
Cafflkano Klassic Camping Coffee
You can read more about the Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker, browse coffee beans and other coffee making gear over at The Coffee Mate.
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*Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample Cafflano Klassic and a selection of coffee beans were gifted from The Coffee Mat. Opinions expressed here are my own.