About Eat Sleep Wild

A little background…

I (Monica) have been an outdoorsy tomboy all of my life, as well as a massive foodie. Over the last 10+ years I’ve discovered a major sense of belonging in outdoor wild places, while also honing a knack for making badass backpacking food. I started the Eat Sleep Wild website in 2019 as a place to write about my miriad adventures hiking and wild camping across the UK. During COVID I started selling some of my dehydrated trail meals via a shopify website. Though the dream has always been to open up my own “wild” venue where I could host wild camps and outdoor cooking events for other people looking for a closer connection with nature. Along the way I got my Mountain Leader award and started thinking about how to take the next step.

Then, in January 2022, I met Mark in Scotland. He had the same ideas! About a bazillion things happened between that day and May 2022. The party line is: in May 2022 we together moved to the west coast of Scotland to make the dream a reality! We now live in a remote cottage near Inveraray in Argyll and Bute with our dog Lucky and together are working on making Eat Sleep Wild more than just a website but a whole experience!

Here’s a few things we’ve got up our sleeve… and if you feel like following along, sign up to our Substack newsletter to keep up with all the updates as they happen.

  • Guided hikes throughout the highlands of Scotland
  • Wild camping excursions and multi-day treks
  • Outdoor camping and cooking experiences in remote parts of Scotland
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