Dartmoor has long been one of my favourite places for a wild camping adventure. This vast moorland, hallmarked by forests, rivers, and many exposed granite hilltops (tors), has a bleakness that makes you feel like you’ve truly escaped the world and have entered something truly wild and untouched by man (ironically, Dartmoor only looks the way it does because of the profound impact of early man who cleared the forests and farmed the soil into peaty oblivion!).
I thought I’d share a few shots from my most recent excursion to Dartmoor in hopes that it might inspire you to¬†go on a wilderness adventure of your own.

Dartmoor wild camping and walking route map
Route map, starting and finishing near the car park by Hound Tor. Approximately 16km, total ascent 562 metres. Source: OS Maps.

Dartmoor walking and wild camping books
Essential reading! We are big fans of Bradt Guides Wilderness Weekends, at least as a starting place for finding destinations suitable for wild camping. The Pathfinder guides are always good and can also be a start for finding a great walk that you can always extend if you want to or turn into an overnight.

Backpacks for wild camping
His and hers and paws backpacks. All you need for the best ever weekend!

Dartmoor Wild Camping, Haytor Rocks
Haytor Rocks, a popular spot for climbing with awesome views over Dartmoor

Wild camping with the Lucky dog
Wild camping spot downstream near Grimspound.

Wild camping V60 coffee
Wild camping coffee – we always bring our V60! Our adventure beans of choice: Rave Coffee Papua New Guinea Elimbari ‘A’.

Wild camping breakfast porridge
Wild camping breakfast: porridge with bananas and blueberries (a bit of a treat) and homemade protein puff granola.

Dartmoor walking and wild camping

Dartmoor Wild Camping Trip Summary:

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